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About Us

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Based in Wallingford, we are a friendly local car restoration/servicing engineering company. We specialise in TR 2 - 8 and have regular mentions in the TR Register. Due to the quality of our work we have attracted customers with a broad range of cars including Alfa Romeo, Jaguar E-Type & XK120, MGA, MGB, Triumph Roadster, Lotus Cortina, Rover, Lagonda, Hispano Suiza, Spitfire, GT6, Mercedes and many others.


Glen and Chris have the ability in their fully equiped workshop to manufacturer many of their own parts if they are no longer available, this is in addition to manufacturing the tools you may need to do the job. This is carried out onsite and provides the Protek team with the flexibility to meet their customers needs.

Brief History

Protek was started in 1985 by Glen and his dad Ray.


Glen's apprenticeship was in low temperature physics and precision engineering. Restoring cars was a hobby until Protek started, with the car restoration gradually becoming more prominent.


In 1986 Glen was joined by his brother-in-law, Chris Soden, who trained and worked in the car bodywork industry before joining Protek. It was also about then that they moved to larger premises on Hithercroft


Ray retired in 2002.







About Glen

Glen has been a member of the TR Register since 1979 when he bought his first TR4.

In those days he restored his cars on his parents' driveway. Before he started car restoration in Protek he owned and restored several cars, including a TR4, TR3, TR6, TR7, and two Morris Minors.


Ever keen to tinker, he experimented successfully with supercharging his TR6.

During the 1990s Glen bought a TR3 for himself, which he built in his spare time as a TR3S 1956 Le Mans replica (pictured above centre), which entailed, among other modifications, lengthening the body and chassis by six inches.


This car was eventually sold to a collector in Japan. Subsequently in recent years Glen has used his experience on this project to build another TR3S for a customer.


What We Do

Protek specialise in Classic Car Restoration and servicing throughout all marks. They have in depth knowledge in Triumph TRs from TR2 to TR8;


We deal with all levels of of work, from full restorations to machining and replacing hard to get parts.


Our focus is on the client and doing the best job possible, so we work very closely with our clients to establish their requirements and how we can best meet them.


Aside from all models of TR Glen and Chris have worked on a wide variety of cars, including Alfa Romeo, E-Type, MGA, MGB, Triumph Roadster, Lotus Cortina, Rover, Lagonda, Hispano Suiza, XK120, Spitfire, GT6 and many others. As Glen has a full engineering workshop he is often able to make up bits that are difficult or impossible to obtain.


Our Other Services

In addition we service all types of modern cars, and undertakes one-off engineering jobs for local companies.


So feel free to ask how we can help you with your requirements.